All records are graded under a strong light and briefly play tested.

Our grading guide is as follows: 

Near Mint (NM)

Records are flawless with no imperfections.

NM covers will have no imperfections

Excellent (EX)

Records may have very light marks that do not affect playback.

EX covers will have very minor wear.

We will use EX+ if the record or cover is very close to NM.


Very Good Plus (VG+)

Records may have light marks that cause very minor affects to playback, but do not take away from the listening experience eg. light background noise in quiet parts.

VG+ covers will have minor damage eg. Light ringwear and minor creases.


Very Good (VG)

Records may have scuffs and marks that cause some lessening in sound quality, but still offer a pleasant listening experience.

VG covers will have more obvious imperfections such as ringwear, creases and staining.

We won't sell records below VG grade